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Mrs. Prajakta Raut

Interior Designer 

About Us

Mrs. Prajakta Raut to provide quality interior design and architectural services. Through 12 years of experience, we are able to design and build Residential and Corporate projects and keep improving our quality to serve our clients. Our company also has a group of capable management, sales, design and project team who is professional in handling a omprehensive range of projects.

Our in-house service provides experienced design and space planning to let you have a full understanding of the whole project. Our experienced and qualified interior designers are well versed in computer CAD and 3D software. With the employment of computer-aided visualization, clients can be confident to interpret precisely how the designer interprets the drawings in his mind. We combine fresh thinking, new ideas and inspirational approach to our clients.

Over the year we have learnt with experience and refined our system and processes towards perfection. Our Documentation is clear cut and water tight. This means that we have taken care of all the minute detail involved in providing you the best results. The process always under goes a series of checks, we always believe in keeping things perfect, it help our image and always satisfies the clients.

Experience and credentials of the designer/firm

There are various kinds of interior designers all around; some specialize only in high end premium projects like the home of the celebs and other elite classes, while others entertain the projects of common homes and apartments. You have to find the professionals who are suitable for the kinds of projects you want. The professionals who are extremely reputed and have strong portfolios may charge a bit higher than the others. You must compare with at least 3 interior designing companies before hiring one particular one.

Size of the space to be designed

The expense is directly proportional to the size of the space in most of the cases. If the area is huge, then the expense will also be higher. The interior designing of a 3BHK flat is much more costly than designing a 1BHK flat. The professionals will first look at the area to be designed and only after proper evaluation they can give you an estimate.

Materials and Brand being used

The cost of materials will vary as per the brand. If you are buying the materials from local markets or shops then the expense will be lower than the branded materials. For example the cost of Godrej locks is much higher than any other ordinary locks, but again Godrej locks can assure safety and security which the ordinary products cannot. The cost of the raw materials will be included when the interior designers will fix the total cost of the project. Right from lighting to plumbing, wooden furniture to curtains, there are so many options out there. So many brands are available in various price ranges. You should use the brand that suits your need and budget. Branded materials are usually a little costlier, but that’s worth it. The materials will be in perfect condition at least for the next decade. But if you use the local products, then it may cost less, but it won’t last longer.

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