Hotel Interior

Give your Hotel a gorgeous and breathtaking aesthetics. Our interior designers create a concept and style oriented hotel for you that will leave a lasting impression on customers.  A range of beautiful bedrooms that reflect your personality, style and brings out comfort. From classy interiors to quirky designs, we style a bedroom that matches your taste and liking. Most hotels are landmarks of the city or region they inhabit,many of them iconic. They make their presence felt in their environment and they’re there to stay for a while. At the same time they need to to stay relevant and in vogue, in tune with capricious tastes of guests, and a society tripping over itself to keep pace with technology, for they are also called to be witnesses of the life and times of a place and a people.

Our design practice offers and collaboration to develop and evolve new and exciting corporate office ideas. We are 100% client-orientated and our values are highly important to us as a project and design team. We like to work with like-minded partners and clients through all types of commercial projects, be it designing, a corporate interior or an medium size office interior fit out.

We always challenge ourselves to produce best compelling Hotel design concepts to a project briefing. We are well known in Nagpur for our ability to communicate design ideas to our clients and/or their clients. We are known as problem solvers – able to work within constraints to maximise yield and optimise floor plate configurations and best use of commercials workspace. We place a strong emphasis on timeless design – understanding that spaces may be in use for many many years, so there in an essential need for design not to age. Our professional site, architectural and interiors teams always seek the best resolution between the brief, design expression, commercial viability and availability.